Toploader Binder

Still storing your toploaders in cardboard boxes?

Sports cards... Pokemon... Any cards.

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Q: What is the maximum amount of cards each album will hold?

A: We recommend thirty sheets (180 cards) per album. This is the maximum designed amount per album.

Q: What size toploaders will the pages hold?

A: A standard 3×4 toploader up to 100pt will work just fine.

Q: Do you accept checks or money orders?
A: Yes, we will gladly process your checks and money orders. Please contact us for our mailing address. Checks are held 10 business days but money orders are processed the same week they are received. We also accept credit card payments made with Paypal. If you are not familiar with Paypal, go to and sign up for your free account.
Q: I live in Hawaii or Alaska. Is there an additional postage requirement?
A: No. Our postage paid prices advertised include both Hawaii and Alaska.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes… but due to the varied prices by country please contact us for a shipping quote before placing an order.
Q: I like the idea of storing my top loaders in the album pages, but I already have albums that I can use. Can I order just the album pages?

A: In order to house six cards to a page, the pages are a special size, approximately 8″x14″. The albums are specifically designed for the Top Loader Album pages. We will gladly process your order for just the sheets, but it is not recommended because the sheets will be too long for a standard size album.

Q: Do you have a telephone number that I can call to place my order?

A: Yes. You can contact us by calling (360) 229-3225.
(However the preferred first method of communication is via email)






As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase from this website.

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 Toploader Binder Blue, Black, or Red

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One Toploader Binder with 30 Pages by Sportstech Co.
Two Toploader Binders with 30 Pages in Each by Sportstech Co.

Toploader Pages

(Will not fit your standard 3 ring binder)
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